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An Interview with Tim Leonard on the 737-800

Frequent Flyer B
What’s that? You have never heard of Red Belly Radio? After all, this is the 145th episode. I started Red Belly Radio several years ago and it was a great success. But as successes often does, I became a victim of it and had more on my plate than I could handle. Anyway, the podcast is back and you can look forward to a new release every month. This show is about the 737-800. I sat down and spoke with Captain Tim Leonard who, in addition to being a pilot, is a Director in Flight Operations. But in addition to all that, Tim knows about the -800 and was willing to share and answer my extremely well thought-out and researched questions. BTW, Red Belly Radio is a true podcast and is available as an RSS fee via iTunes. By subscribing, new episodes will be delivered to your iPod.
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