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An Old Dog Learns New Tricks

Adventurer C

I recently upgraded my cell phone. It’s been two years and my provider gives a large credit toward a new phone if you sign up for two more years. Smart phones are all the rage these days, so I decided to look into getting one.

If you are asking what a smart phone is, think iPhone, BlackBerry, and PalmPre. A smart phone takes multiple gadgets and combines them into one handheld device. Imagine combining a cell phone with a digital camera, MP3 player, calender, etc. Mine also has a contact list, e-mail, GPS, and several other cool programs that I downloaded.

So far I've gotten a level, mobile banking, an electronic bible, SlackerRadio, a program that makes my phone a flashlight ,and even a book reader from Barnes & Noble. I even started this blog post on my phone in "Word To Go" while I was waiting in the HOU Airport. I also love getting my e-mail straight to my phone. In fact, I barely use my laptop anymore.

My new phone also includes a web browser. Yep, I get the Internet on my cell phone, and that’s where the Southwest connection comes in. We have a modified version of available for smart phones. Just go to from any web enabled phone, and you'll find all the same basic abilities as our primary site right in the palm of your hand.

I saw the e-mails and company announcements about the new mobile site back in June when it went live, but had no reason to check it out. Now I do, and all I can say is, "Wow!" We have some increadible programmers.

Previously, Southwest mobile Customers had the ability to checkin for flights, cancel reservations, contact Southwest Airlines, and view Southwest’s terms and conditions.  Now, Southwest Airlines mobile Customers can also book a flight, log on to Rapid Rewards, view schedules, and check flight status (my personal favorite feature).

Now if we can just get our programmers to create a mobile version of the Employee standby travel page!  Hint, hint.


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