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An Unfortunate Event

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We have seen several blog posts regarding a recent trip taken by one of our Southwest Customers who was asked to purchase an additional ticket in Phoenix for his return flight to Sacramento because he required more than one seat. The blog posts associated with this situation are very emotional. Unfortunately, however, some of the online postings have contained inaccuracies which have led to misunderstandings about Southwest Airline's Customer of size policy. In a nutshell, Southwest Customers who occupy more than a single seat are asked proactively to book and purchase the number of seats they need as a means of notifying our Company of a unique seating need. For accurate and complete information about this policy that aims to ensure the comfort and Safety of all Customers, we invite you to click here.)   We regret that this unfortunate situation occurred, and we are in the process of expressing our regret to this Customer and his family. Out of regard for their privacy, we can't comment on the specifics of the circumstances in a public forum like this blog. But I hope you realize that, as a Company which has a longstanding reputation for compassion, we are always striving to do the right thing.