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And the Hell's Kitchen winners are Chef Dave and our Southwest Facebook Fan...


Well, the results are finally in, and a few event details have been confirmed--judging by your nearly 200 comments, there was unequivocally a favorite pick.   By a wide margin, Dave was your favorite --and most importantly, Chef Ramsay’s, too.  The “One-Armed Bandit” stole the competition, and I have to admit, I was rooting for him as well.  What a fighter to the very suspenseful finish.

But KUDOS to Kevin and the only “Madame” left cooking in the final three.  Even though Kevin and Ariel didn’t win Araxi’s top spot, they’re welcome to cook for me anytime!

Now, on to the BIG winner: which of you not only predicted the correct winner, but offered the best reason why?

Our judges LUVed reading all of your posts, including:

“As a Hell's Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay fanatic, I can honestly say that Dave is the most talented and motivated chef to ever grace that red and blue arena of doom. Dave, with one arm, has cooked circles around the competition and has so much determination, I would be comfortable flying on Southwest with him as my captain. Dave's passion for quality, consistency, and holding his standards high make him my choice as winner for this year.”

Brad H — Tue, 10/13/2009 - 09:59

“I think Dave should win. He's not cocky like Kevin and is quick even with one arm. Dave has certainly proven his skills! Imagine how great he will be with two hands 🙂 He is driven and awesome. I hope he wins so he can afford a hair cut. Won't he be oh so cute with short hair? Yes. Yes, he will :)”

Jones — Tue, 10/13/2009 - 10:29

On Facebook, Kim Leah Harris’ post made us chuckle:

"DAVE!! I am quite certain he could even handle the exit row and baggage stowing! The PA might be a bit monotone though, he could make up for it with a cooking demo following his seatbelt demo but some of the ladies might need oxygen ...... 🙂 What a great prize guys!"

But the one that we liked the best was from Felicia Hamm in Jacksonville, FL:

"Who should win - Dave (Broken hand); Kevin (Broken Foot) or Ariel. I am torn between the two guys. However, I am going to go with Dave since he has been cooking with 1 hand the entire season and I have had 2 healthy hands and burn microwaveable popcorn. Go Dave."

Her comment on our Facebook wall struck a chord with all of us in Communications. Our break room tends to suffer from burned popcorn more than we'd like to admit...

Thanks HK fans for posting your picks, and tune into Hell’s Kitchen next season.  And congratulations to Felicia! We hope you have a fabulous Southwest flight to Los Angeles for your VIP visit at Hell's Kitchen.  Thanks to all of our HK fans for your patience, and for posting your picks and fun reads!