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And the Winner Is...

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I've always enjoyed watching the Academy Awards on TV, and have even been known to plan my schedule around them. The clothes! The tears! The speeches! The drama! Everyone has their favorites -- Hollywood legends and legends in the making gathered in one place for their annual celebration of excellence in film. The only thing that gets more buildup and hype and covers more time on the calendar than awards season is a national political campaign. So here I am, after weeks and months of exposure to the coverage on the nomination announcements, interviews and feature stories -- I've even managed to see some (not quite all) of the nominated performances and movies -- and this year I'm going to miss the live broadcast. The night of the Oscars, I'll be out of town. The very special distinction of this particular trip, and about the only reason I'd miss the show, is that for the first time in nearly 40 years I'll be vacationing with my Dad and my four siblings. All of us together again, not in the back of the Ford Country Squire station wagon of our youth, but on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The clothes! The tears! The speeches! The drama! I hesitate to tell them that they're all equal beneficiaries of my Southwest savings plans. Let's just say that I plan to keep a respectable distance from the railing. Seriously, I'm looking forward to this trip, for which we've spent the last 13 months preparing. Nothing beats time with my family. And having the freedom to travel is just one of the many benefits I enjoy at Southwest. As Spring Break season approaches and more families come to the airport to set off on their vacations, I hope that all of them are excited about their trips together; to hearing their Dads tell the same stories one more time, and to having new stories to tell. Just as long as no one tells me who the big winners were at the Oscars before I watch the tape!
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And the winner is most definately NOT me. I created this 'wanna get away' submission yesterday only to find I was a day late when I went to submit it. So now I have a commercial without a home. My bad. To check it out go to youtube. Here is the link Hope you enjoy it. Jared Cicon
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I remember when I was a CSA in DAL in 2002 one of my co-workers made a terminal announcement when BEST PICTURE was told. I don't know if anyone cared but her, it was just another reason I loved the job! We could do nutty stuff like that! Can't wait to get back!
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And the REAL winner is.....Mary!!!! Because she'll be lounging, relaxing, and enjoying some well-earned family time while the rest of us stay behind to hear and see all the stories about the winners and losers from Oscar night. Not that I hate the Oscars or anything (really!), it's just the hoopla and "news" coverage that gets under my skin from time to time..... PLUS, the Oscars give us one less night of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. That's the real problem! But I guess I'll survive somehow....after all, Spring Training has officially started. That means baseball season is right around the corner!!! Go Cards!! Hmm...I guess this post really belonged in the Random Thoughts thread...
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This one is for the record books. When I planned this trip it took me a long time to make all connections work and I finally found the flights I needed to make the trip from Manachester, NH to Midland, TX. There were quite a few stops, but nothing had me prepared for the "crazy" evening/night of February 13. We arrived (party of 3) at MHT only to find out that all flights to Baltimore were cancelled. There were two flights still sitting on the tarmac waiting for the"call". The person at the check-in counter (I believe her name is Julia) was a gem. She was helping with the ever lasting smile to get us on that plane. We had a bout 5 minutes when the "call" came to get upstairs and on that plane. We made it. Then we were called off the flight (the gate person thought we were on the wrong flight) then we went back on the plane and everyone clapped. This was the beginning of the craziest airplane ride I have ever been on. We made okay time getting to Chicago, just when we were about to land the pilot gunned the jet and got out of there (no visibility and they were still removing snow, our plane did not have enough fuel to wait it out), so we ended up in St. Louis. We barely were on the ground and the announcement was made for passengers with Texas destinations to get off the plane and fly to Oklahoma City (that was us). We hurried off the plane and got on the next one. Within 10 minutes we were taxiing again down the run to Oklahoma City. There the baggage claim person changed our reservation around, got us a voucher for a room and sent us on our marry way (this at 2:00 A.M. was still done with a smile). Four hours later we checked in at the ticket counter, got our tickets and off we were once again. We flew to Dallas and from Dallas we arrived in Midland, Texas at 11:45 A.M. We arrived about 5 hours earlier than we had planned. The whole scenario I could not have predicted. My first experience with Southwest is definitely one I will remember and I will certainly fly with them again. A smile does wonders for the soul.
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I hope you have a nice vacation. i will be heading out on my own cruise on my floating airport... have fun.. you deserve it USS BLOG BOY
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Hey Mary, Did your favorites win? Blog Boy
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Mary, Nice to see someone from my hometown airport blogging!! Sounds like your way past due for a trip like this.. Hope you have the time of your life with your dad and siblings, although I do believe you are right about staying away from the We fly STL to TPA quite a bit , one of those trips is usually with the kids and grandbabies during spring break but this year my grandmother is very sick and plans couldn't be made because I need to stick around and take care of things.. This yearly trip is one of my favorite times, spending time with my family and those memories that the babies are building, always puts a smile on my face.. Looks like my hubby and I will be going it alone as soon as my grandmother is better.. I will miss the family time but we always have next year.. Sending good thoughts that your special trip goes even better than planned..:o)