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And we had fun, fun, fun!

Adventurer B
You've never been on a fun flight? You should have been on this one! My best friend Jamie called (we were in the same flight attendant class twenty-two years ago). "Mama's going to be on my flight from Houston to Dallas Friday night. I wish you could fly it with me!" From her mouth to God's ears! One of her crew members wanted a Friday night off and I was able to pick this trip up. The phone rang the night before - "Think of something fun to do!" What can we do to make Jamie's mother feel special? She needs to stand out. A plan is forming. I went to my closet where I found my pink feather boa left over from a flight attendant cruise in October. Just what I need! Look - my bunny slippers! They go great with the boa. I remembered Jamie's jeweled tiara left over from high school - the crowning touch! I filled a gift bag with Southwest prizes such as peanuts, a bag tag, pen, jar opener, etc. I have trouble sleeping I'm so pumped. It's our last leg. We have through passengers from Harlingen onboard. I brief them on our big surprise and tell them we have a very special passenger coming onboard! Jamie and I go out to the preboard area and ask the Operations Agent to page "Wanda, Jamie's mother". We see her coming up looking bewildered. She would never dream of preboarding when she is traveling on a pass. No one wants to lose their pass previleges! I make an announcement to the waiting passengers while Jamie is "dressing" her mother in her special attire. No mistaking that she stands out! "Today is Wanda's day. Please join us in making her feel special!" At the front of the aircraft I introduce her to the through passengers. As she comes on the aircraft, we all chant, "Wanda, Wanda"! She is presented with her bag of goodies. As an added touch, she sits next to one of our original employees, now a vice president. As we demonstrate our safety features, there is no missing Wanda sitting there in all her glory!100_1292_11.JPG After the seat belt sign is turned off Wanda does us the honor of passing out our peanuts! Queen Elizabeth could not have done a better job. She turns from side to side with a big smile for her "subjects". We are taking pictures. The mood was picked up by the rest of our passengers. I was amused when, upon deplaning, one of our passengers said, "Next time I want to be Wanda." We can't give this kind of recognition to each of our passengers every flight. But, I hope when you leave our aircraft you have at least received a smile and a "Thank you for flying Southwest."