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Ann Inspiration to Us

Adventurer C
Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson...Watch out for Ann Hafertepe! Ann's Birthday Celebration Although I'm more interested in Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo's "on the field" success than his "off the field" romance, I do have a suggestion for him. Have lunch with Ann Hafertepe instead of Jessica or Carrie. You will never be the same.   Ann is an inspiration to our Department.  Ann was born with Downs Syndrome and moved in with her sister, Karen, who works in the OnBoarding Department.  Ann is very task oriented and loves to work on routine projects.  She would occasionally come to work with Karen for a few hours and assist her sister with various duties.  It was quickly determined that Ann could be a big help to this department by assembling New Hire packets and stuffing anniversary cards.  Now every Wednesday, Ann bounces into the HDQ proudly wearing her Southwest I.D. around her neck. She has her own cubicle complete with her self-proclaimed title, "Team Captain." There is no bigger fan of Southwest (or Tony Romo when he is on a run) than Ann.  When the Wright Amendment legislation was officially signed into law, Ann called our Director of OnBoarding out of a meeting to declare, "We need to all wear matching T-shirts, have a BIG 'OL CAKE, and make a toast!"   I see Ann every so often scurry around from one part of the Department to another, delivering an envelope or putting together new hire packets. She always has an ear-to-ear grin on her face. (See Ann at her recent birthday celebration above.)