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Another Message from a Leprechaun

New Arrival

Aye,now we hear from the second of our trio of Leprechauns out flyin' over their rainbows with the pots o' gold.

When you grow up in Chicago, St. Patrick’s Day has to be one of your favorite holidays. What’s not to like?  A green river, a parade, good food, green beer, and pubs filled with people that are thrilled at the thought of spring finally in the air. Of course, for me, with a last name of “Valentine” I am a little partial to Valentine’s Day, but with a bunch of friends with family names of Murphy, Coleman, or Short you can’t help but be a wee bit Irish for the day.  So when asked to be a “Southwest Leprechaun” for the day, needless to say I was thrilled. The first thing I did was contact my very Irish friend Kevin to find out what Leprechaun’s are all about. Without hesitation, he advised me to watch a Disney movie called, Darby O ‘Gill and the Little People.   He added, “You will learn all you need to know from that movie.”  He was right!  So if you see me and my sidekick Cindy, on a Southwest flight, be sure to say hello.  We will be flying over rainbows, while playing tricks and searching for the Pot of Gold!