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Another Southwest Era ends

Aviator C

As you may know, a tremendous effort has been underway for quite some time to transition those Boeing 737s painted in our classic colors to our current Spirit colors (Canyon Blue and Red) in order to give our entire fleet an updated, uniform look.  Well, we have some exciting news for you!  Only one airplane remains for the transition project to be complete!  In mid-January, N347SW will receive the final “Spirit colors makeover.”  Of course, we will still have three aircraft in the fleet dedicated to our classic, desert gold look.

Why three in the old livery?  To salute our three original cities, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

Which three specific aircraft? And, why those three?

  1. N711HK is dedicated to our Founder and Chairman, Emeritus Herb Kelleher.
  2. N714CB is dedicated to the model of SOUTHWEST SPIRIT, our President Emeritus, Colleen Barrett.
  3. N792SW was the last aircraft delivered new in the original livery.


So, from mid-January on, anytime you see an airplane in our classic livery, it will be one of these three aircraft.

Adventurer C
I like it Brian. It's always fun to fly on a "special" livery. Are all three of the "classics" 300 series aircraft? Maybe hotpants ought to be the uniform....... Nah, going too far I guess.
Explorer A
that actually stinks....only because i just started to like the looks of slight moderation.....i think if anything they should replace all of the 737 300s with 737 700s or atleast add winglets to all of them not just 90 of the 737 300s....and out of curiosity what happened to the other special liveries like Slam Dunk 1, or you guys still fly those?
Explorer A
also how is the in flight wifi going....any new plans/updates?
Frequent Flyer C
JJG, No, the three classics are -700s. 347 is a 300. Southwestfreak, Yes, we still fly shamu, slamdunk and the others. I see them at mdw often. inflight wifi will begin installation soon.
Explorer A
think it will be installed by mid april? 😄
Not applicable
I just saw slam-dunk at bwi today!