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Another "Amazing" Leg of the Race Ends in a Photo Finish

Explorer A

Hollye continues her reports on the progress of Jodi and Christie, two Southwest Flight Attendants competing on "The Amazing Race." 


Jodi and Christie (J&C) got a late start on the second leg, and a late finish would soon follow--but all that matters is that they finished before the lovable country couple, Linda and Steve.  Did I want to see sweet Linda searching for the way back to the trail through her tears during the episode's Roadblock?  Absolutely not.  But I'm sure glad that Jodie and Christie found their way to the second Pit Stop in Germany before our Friends from Virginia.

The ten remaining teams hopped flights to Munich on the morning of the third day.  J&C had the foresight to book their travel via their taxi driver's cell phone (an idea not shared by all of their opponents), but all seats for the earliest flight were taken by other couples who began their journey ahead of J&C.  Like most of the other teams, Christie chose to travel an hour by foot to complete this leg's "Roadblock" when the wind didn't look like it would cooperate with the other option--paragliding off one of the Alps.  In true Southwest fashion, J&C opted for the Fun-LUVing, "in your face" folly of throwing pies at each other (instead of taking the Segway course) in the first task of the Detour,  but their literal interpretation of the next clue sent them on a wild goose chase for horses and wood.  Their stumble meant that Linda and Steve were hot on their heels heading to the Pit Stop, but J&C won over the wedded twosome.  Tune in next week to find out if our Flight Attendants can continue to beat the odds! 

Aviator C
Hollye, unlike past seasons, I find myself liking all of these teams. Previously, it was easy to find someone you wanted to lose, but not this year. Brian
Explorer A
Brian, I've definitely had my favorites leading up to this week, but I'm finding something within each racer that endears me to them. I'm a sucker for tears, what can I say?
Adventurer B
Looks like J&C did reasonable well with the coffins and the gymnastics on the March 1st episode to stay alive as well.