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Apply by March 11: Associate Business Analyst

Explorer C

I am a Senior Manager in the Product Solutions pillar of Technology, specifically within the Enterprise Data & Analytics Team (ED&A). We provide data delivery services to the entire Southwest enterprise. I also serve as a mentor for our Associate Business Analysts (ABAs) who are hired by the Campus Reach Team right out of college. We’re hiring for the ABA program now! Apply by tomorrow (March 11) at 11:59pm CST at   Diana Shen Halloween 2015 The ABA interview process itself is a great experience candidates. After two interviews with Southwest Leaders, a tour of Headquarters, and lunch with current ABAs, you’ll really get a good feel for what you’re embarking on. I have personally worked with two of our most recent ABA Hires in the ED&A Team, and the amount of positive energy, proactive nature, and exceptional “detective” skills I’ve seen in them has done something incredible for us ... it has rejuvenated our Team! Our more seasoned folks are fine-tuning their teaching and mentoring skills and they are looking at our Southwest world with a different, more innovative lens--all while having fun! Diana Shen, one of our College Hires, is an example of the perfect fit for our group. She’s a great sport, and has even led us in song at a quarterly  meeting, baked for our Team, dressed as a sushi roll for Halloween, and was a part of the first place, award-winning Technology skit  performed during last year's Halloween festivities. She was “one of us” before she ever started officially with Southwest. The impact our ABAs have made has been an incredible investment in all of us, and has contributed so much to Southwest. Our future is bright and shiny like our planes, and filled with love with these new additions to our Southwest Family. I hope you’ll consider applying for an ABA position today!