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Appy Holidays from Southwest Airlines

Adventurer C

Southwest Airlines is excited to announce that the Southwest Airlines application is now available for the Android and BlackBerry smart phones. Southwest Airlines is one of the first airlines to have an app for all three mobile platforms.  And get excited, it’s FREE!

Traveling with Southwest Airlines is even more convenient. Unlike other airline travel apps, Southwest allows you to book flights from within the app rather than being redirected to the airline’s browser-based site. It’s an easy-to-use tool for those Customers on the go! You can use your app to:

• Book and modify flights
• Book and modify car reservations
• Check in for flights
• Check flight status
• Access flight schedules
• Log into Rapid Rewards
• Enroll in Rapid Rewards
• Sign-up for Click ‘n Save e-mail updates

Not only is Southwest making strides with Customer-facing applications, but the airline is working on an exclusive Employee application coming in early 2011. The Employee app will allow Southwest Employees to view important Company information from Southwest's intranet directly from their smartphones!  Just another exciting update coming from your favorite airline.


Explorer C
Great job on the Android app Southwest! My only request right now would be to modify the app and allow it to be moved to the SD card - it's a silly little quirk of that platform but it'd be nice to have the option. Thanks!
Explorer C
Perhaps this is a bit obvious, but how about a link to the apps so we can actually download them?
Explorer B
What happened to Ding? I have it on my I-app... but not my Droid.
Explorer C
This is's about time. DROID(X) rocks!
Explorer C
About time. Now do you think you guys could get on a Windows Phone 7 app before March when my contract's up and I switch from my BlackBerry?
Explorer C
Thank you so much for the long awaited SOUTHWEST APP. It will come in so handy when I fly.
Explorer C
AWESOME! Love that you have a Blackberry App!
Explorer C
Southwest! I love the app, thank you showing us BlackBerry users some LUV! One suggestion though, BlackBerry apps can integrate into the phone. I use this feature with my WorldMate app all the time. Maybe you could put out an update that has the app integrate into the calendar, so I book airfare and automatically that flight is put into my calendar :) Thanks for the app!
Explorer C
Where/when can we download the Blackberry app?
Explorer C
And where do we find this app on your site?
Explorer C
I have a Palm Pixi. Can I use one of these apps? Or am I out of luck?
Explorer C
Blackberry App World says its not available for my device. 😞
Explorer A
How about adding DING to the iPhone/Android/BB apps?
Explorer C
The BlackBerry app flat out does not work on OS6. You cannot enter your Rapids Rewards number of your information to check in through the app. Guess I'll just be using the mobile site until an update is released.
Explorer C
The Blackberry app does not work on the Storm. Locks it up and you have to pull the battery, before it even lets you uninstall it. I will wait for the fixed version and the version including Ding before I try it again.