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Are We Crazy? No, Just Even More Nuts!

Retired Community Manager
Come Monday, don’t be confused.  Nuts About Southwest is getting a facelift.

Monday – 7:37a.m. Central Standard Time.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Let's get our upcoming downtime issues out of the way first – our precious blog (and my livelihood) won’t be operable this weekend, due to the upgrade. The blog will return - you guessed it - at 7:37a.m. CST on Monday.  Have I said that enough?

We've been working on a refresh of Nuts About Southwest for about six months.  The blog will soon feature the Southwest social streams (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and an introduction to our newly selected Southwest Employee blog team.

Of course, our new look calls for a new blog team hailing from all across the Southwest System, armed with fresh ideas. Don't worry, they’re not quitting their day jobs - they will still be working hard to give you the Freedom to Fly. 

These fine folks are blogging voluntarily, independent of their daily responsibilities. You’re going to read posts from pilots, flight attendants, crew schedulers, marketing experts, baggage service representatives, and the list goes on.

We're very excited about our refresh, which is not restricted to the look and feel of the blog, but includes enhanced functionality, too. In addition to the social streams and a new group of writers, users will have the ability to earn badges and  interact on the blog through Facebook Connect. Nuts 3.0 also will offer a more streamlined approach to share news, video, and Red Belly Radio podcasts.  But wait, there's more - diehard fans will have the ability to click the "Download" tab to get access to iPhone wallpaper, badges, and other cool stuff.

I will try to hold my excitement for Monday's launch and if I haven’t outed myself as a complete dork yet, never fear, there’s still time.

I have the honor and privilege of helping to manage the blog with Brian Lusk - O Captain, My Captain.  With our powers combined, we will undoubtedly unleash heartbreaking works of staggering genius.

A lot can happen in five years.  Degrees are earned, Presidential terms come and go, and apparently blogs get refreshed (twice).

Monday, 7:37a.m. Central Standard Time, everything comes to fruition… unless something goes haywire, in which case this post is April Fool’s Day come early!  Just kidding.