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Are You A Fan Of Delicious Tastiness?

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You’d have to go all the way back to last week to read my blog about why Thanksgiving rocks, but this blog is dedicated to the food. On this episode, I talked with three co-workers. Bill Owen, Whitney Eichinger, and Olga Romero to learn what their favorite dishes are on this, my favorite holiday. If you listen to this episode of Red Belly Radio, you will hear references to our favorite dishes. In fact, when you get four foodies talking, we racked up at least 20 dishes that I want to highlight here. (The picture above shows most of my cookbooks in my kitchen; below is Michelle in her paper towel Pilgrim headdress holding an authentic Indian headdress. Well, authentic if you're in the second grade and not an Indian)

This just in: I learned of a contest-winning recipe that our own Chairman, President and CEO made last Thanksgiving. OK it wasn’t the Pillsbury Bake Off, but I understand the competition within his family is fierce! That is listed first and the rest are listed in show order. There is a link to a PDF of all of the recipies at the bottom of this blog. Enjoy!

Crawfish-Cornbread Dressing
Gary’s award winning dish from Southern Living. recipe

Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish
The NPR perennial favorite that looks like Pepto-Bismol but I am told is excellent. recipe

Sweet Potatoes With Pecan Topping and No Marshmallows
I found this recipe that seems to cover Whitney’s strict requirements on sweet potatoes. recipe

Sweet Potato-Pecan Pie With Chantilly Cream
I have made this pie for a number of years and I have never thrown any away. The Chantilly Cream is really just a fancy whipped cream, but it is fantastic. It calls for Grand Marnier and brandy, but I have used only off-brand orange liqueur and it is still good. recipe

Homemade Rolls With Room Temperature Butter
Here is a link for some homemade yeast rolls like Whitney spoke of. Her recipe for room temperature butter is easy. Take butter out of your refrigerator and place on the counter until its temperature becomes ambient with the rest of the room. If the butter if frozen, it will take longer. recipe

Greenberg Smoked Turkey From Tyler, Texas.
I have only had this one time but was very memorable. If you check out their web site, you might note there is no place to put in your credit card number. That is because, sometime after they ship you the turkey, they send you a bill. Yes, this is 2008.

Bill’s Leftover Mashed Potato Casserole
Bill describes this in the podcast and it sounded good there. I saw the recipe and heard angles singing. You know, the traditional Thanksgiving Angles of Tastiness? The recipe for this tasty dish can be found under the link at the bottom of this post called "Red Belly Radio Recipies and Links."

Alton Brown Turkey and Brining
Even if you don’t follow this recipe, I highly recommend brining. It’s a science thing about the cell wall of the turkey meat. It makes for moist, delicious meat that is forgiving should you over cook the bird a little—however you decide to cook it. Be thinking of a container to brine in. A cooler, very large zip-lock bags, dish pans all work. If you live in a cold place, you may not need to ice it down—just put it in your garage if you can’t make room in the fridge.

What goes in to a brine solution is really pretty debatable. The only truly necessary items are salt and water. One cup of salt per gallon of water will work, but you will probably want some sugar to balance the flavors and while you’re at it, throw in some pepper corns or allspice berries. Since you will need heat to get the salt/sugar to saturate the water, don’t make the full amount with water, add ice to the hot mixture so that you finish with cool brine.

All about brining | A bunch of brining recipes

Bill’s Beer Brined Turkey
Did you see the recipe for his Leftover Mashed Potato Casserole? Did you try his homemade bannana pudding? This guy knows food. I trust him with my gastronomic life and will be trying this brine. The recipe for this tasty dish can be found under the link at the bottom of this post called "Red Belly Radio Recipies and Links."

Olga’s Rum and Orange Juice Brine
Olga doesn’t so much follow a recipe on this one as a guideline. Add rum and OJ to a basic brine. Then add Rum and OJ to a glass with ice and drink. It’s hard to go wrong and if it does, you won’t care.

I so badly want to try eating this, I just don’t know if I am up to attempt cooking it. Either way it is fun to say—I don’t care who you are. recipe

Turkey Ballotine
This shows the procedure in illustration. link

This next link is a video and it is very good to about the 5:18 point. That is where I would stuff and then tie the turkey back around whatever I stuffed it with. Keep in mind that a turkey has a lot more tendons and sinew in the legs than a chicken—I just cut them off, along with the wings and make turkey stock with all of the parts. video

A portmanteau of the words TURkey, DUCK, and hEN—a deboned hen, inside a deboned duck, inside a deboned turkey. For those of you in England, it is also referred to as a multi-bird roast. This might sound odd, but it is a practice dates back at least to the early 19th century with the zenith, a 17 bird roast in France.

Sweet Potato Tamales
These sound good. Since I am trying a sweet potato tamale turkey ballotine, this is what I will make to go inside by turkey breast. Yes, I am only using the breast—after a rather bad knuckle slash last month, I am going easy on the knife requirements this year. recipe

I mentioned a dessert tamale with cajeta in the podcast. Cajeta is my favorite caramel ever (I am trying to think of a caramel I didn't like.) The homemade version is best but there are pretty good grocery store versions—probably in the Mexican food isle. recipe

Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Who knows, maybe Gary and Ina Garten are on to something? recipe

Grandy’s Rolls
The easy way out if you live near a Grandy’s.

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Bill casually mentions this dish so I found this recipe.

New Texas Cuisine by Stephan Pyles
This Texas chef defines food for us chichi Texans. about 

Spicy-Whipped Sweet Potatoes
My must-bring to all good dinner parties and department events. Serve it in a black bowl, the color contrast is fantastic. Also, be sure to tell people it has a kick—especially older people who may be wondering where the mini marshmallows are. Go easy on the cayenne—you can always add more, you can't take it out. recipe

Mojo Sauce
I talk about a mojo sauce in this episode, but wasn't sure about it. Then I found this version. Cranberry Mojo Sauce

Cranberry Chipotle Sauce
Another possibility for a sauce is my adaptation of Stephan Pyles cranberry chipotle sauce. The recipe for this tasty dish can be found under the link at the bottom of this post called "Red Belly Radio Recipies and Links."

Whether you make everything from scratch or just go to your freezer for a TV dinner, I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful.  And for the comments regarding my last blog, I hope you get your fill of football, too! Certainly a Thanksgiving tradition.

This link contains all of the recipes and links to those that are on web sites.