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Are You Ready to Dent the Future with The SCA?

Retired Community Manager
It's easy to get lost in the crisp mountain air of Sun Valley, Idaho.  Like its namesake suggests, the wind is pretty still in the valley, and like Southwest's hometown, the stars at night are big and bright. Plus, it's a pretty nice view, right?  We have to do our part to keep it that way.

We're here as the Official Airline of the Dent the Future conference, a meeting of brilliant minds brought together to bring significant change to the world, and refining the way we do things. 

We don't want to confine this effort to Sun Valley, so Southwest has teamed up with the Student Conservation Association (SCA), and America's young Veterans, to protect our most treasured parks, forests, and outdoor spaces.


You have the opportunity to engage your fans and followers to get involved with Southwest Airlines and SCA to Dent the future of those who have risked their lives for our country.


Simply head over to and donate on behalf of one of Dent's speakers.  Not only are you helping a great cause, but you'll also help the speaker climb to the top of our donation leaderboard.