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Are You Ready to Meet Sr. Destino?

Adventurer C

Okay, picture this:

Scene One:  Medium Shot--Office area, man in business suite:  You are walking back and forth in your office, and you can’t seem to understand why that business deal is not closed yet.  You call your client, he’s not in, he’s at the business convention, ugh!!  Sr. Destino appears and asks you:  “What are you waiting for?  Grab your bag and close that deal!”

Scene Two:  American Shot--Golf Course, two men very, very happy:  The deal is closed and you just shot a hole in one in front of your new client. Life is great, Thanks to Sr. Destino.

Then, who is Sr. Destino?  Sr. Destino is Southwest Airlines, the ultimate travel companion who will not let you miss the great things in life, like the important business deal or your family having a great time vacationing.  Southwest Airlines provides dependable and affordable, worry-free travel to give everyone the freedom to do as they want, even in challenging times.

This is the concept behind Sr. Destino, the new Spanish summer ad campaign running on Univision, Telemundo, Azteca, Galavision, CNN Español, ESPN Sports, national Hispanic radio stations, and internet portals like and YouTube.

The concept and ad production was created by Dieste, the Dallas based Hispanic ad agency.  Dieste, named best multicultural agency by AdAge, has been Southwest’s Hispanic agency for more than ten years.