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Are You Southwest's Chief Reward Officer? [Sweepstakes Alert]

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Our launch of the All-New Rapid Rewards program in March was a big deal. Along with bringing aboard our new AirTran Family, it highlights a banner year for Southwest. 

Since Rapid Rewards is different for our existing Members too, we have been brainstorming ways to educate them on how the new program is better.  We have come up with what we think is a pretty fun to explain all of the new benefits.  And, hopefully, this promotion will encourage some new Members to join the world of earning and redeeming points toward that next vacation!   

So today we announce the launch of the Chief Reward Officer promotion which gives participants a chance to win a share of 30 Million Rapid Rewards points!

Chief Reward Officer

Throughout our search for Chief Reward Officer, a total of 30 million Rapid Rewards points are at stake! The bulk of these points can be earned throughout the sweepstakes. The winner who claims the title will take home the lion’s share: 3 million Rapid Rewards points.

There are three ways you can compete to become Southwest’s Chief Reward Officer:

  1. Build a résumé and creatively share why you should be the next Chief Reward Officer.
  2. Check out our weekly quizzes and games which can earn you up to 100 points every week, based on how closely you paid attention!
  3. Register for the sweepstakes portion of the promotion by clicking here, which gives you the chance to be one of ten winners to receive 100,000 Rapid Rewards points.

The Southwest Airlines Chief Reward Officer will be chosen by members of the Rapid Rewards Team here at Southwest. With so many points at stake, they expect nothing less than your best effort.

Head on over to and start competing to win your share of the points!

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The registration doesn't work on the Mac (OSX 10.6.8), using Safari 5.1 or Firefox 8.0 or Chrome 15.0.874.54 (all current versions).
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I cannot get entered into this promotion!! I wasn't sure if I had entered previously under but the system claims my email is incorrect. I also tried the email I usually use with RR. I then tried to do a new registration thinking that was the problem, but that method is not working either. When I put all of the information in, nothing seems to happen. As far as I can tell I am NOT registered for this promotion!!
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Total FAIL - Registration still not working on many different browsers.
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*Fail* - cannot register, Tried with the Facebook option, says I am logged in but requires me to log in. WTF The WN site is bad enough, now the promotions are just as worthless.
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just registered and won 100 points..whoo-hoo!
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many many years ago Delta was the Southwest of the day. Now they are not so hot shots. I luv Southwest and have flown with them EVERY opportunity...Southwest Visa and all. Today.....I'm feeling a little deja vu with the new Southwest programs.....
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I've had the same continual trouble to register yesterday and today still. Also; You may want to take away the Yatzee link under the "promotions" tab on the sw homepage... Since it is 4 days old now; and The new promotion is not linked yet; this would be great timing to do both 🙂 Thanks Southwest!
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It looks like it's fixed now; I was finally able to register and complete the quiz, earning 100 points. But I'm confused about when those points will be awarded to my account. The official rules state, "Special Offers will be fulfilled immediately via digital code to the email address used for Rapid Rewards Account registration"... but I've received no email or code. Can you please clarify?
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Good afternoon Southwest Employees, I'm currently in the midst of writing a 100+ page project with a few peers for my final graduation requirement of the MBA program I'm in, due November 7th. I was curious if there would be any way to send a final copy (once it has been completed) to the executive office to seek their feedback. Regards, Daniel Davis
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Congratulations, it's fixed! Mostly. When I got the email, the website was completely nonfunctional in any browser. I have now, however, successfully registered and submitted the silly quiz for free points; it still gave me a couple meaningless error messages, but they weren't constant, and still allowed me to submit the forms. So yay. Southwest *is* still by far the best airline around, though. I have all sorts of reasons for saying that, even if various pieces of their website occasionally fail, like this contest. (As a programmer, I know full well that bugs crop up no matter how much testing you do.)
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I think I would be the perfect Chief Reward Officer. As a newly loyal Southwest flyer, recent Chase Southwest Credit Card Holder (last month) and Companion Pass earner (also last month), I would be an awesome spokesman for the program. My LUV of Southwest, it's people, it's philosophy, it's way of luving it's passenger and it's reward program would be properly represented and exemplified by me. Vote me for Chief Reward Officer. There wouldn't be a more humbly proud and thoughtful spokesman for the program.
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Not really sure what a Chief Reward Officer is supposed to do, so don't really know what needs to go on the "resume"? Any details available?
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Is the Chief Rewards Officer an actual job position or just a fun title that the winner of the contest will be given?
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I was selected as a finalist but cannot find where I need to submit my video. Please help the deadline is today.
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I'm curious - when will the CRO be announced?
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do you know when they will announce the winner?
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So, what's the latest on this contest? Any winners on the 3 million points?
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My husband and I both earned the 600 points for the weekly quizes but have yet (Dec. 22) had the points show up in our RR accounts. I'm wondering if there was something I was supposed to do additionally to get these points by now? Anyone have any feedback on if they've received points yet?