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Are you Nutty Enough to be our Next Blog Star?

Frequent Flyer B

Start stretching, loosen up those vocal chords, and get ready for your close up! Beginning today, we are hosting an online casting call to find our next Blog-o-spondent for Nuts About Southwest!


As many of our regular readers know, over the past six months, we’ve been sending our very own Christi Day around the country to film short video segments for our blog, including features on our Employees and Operations.  We’ve kept her up all night filming crab shipments in Houston; we’ve had her up at dawn to follow our Flight Attendants from Baltimore; and, we’ve thrown her in the belly of an aircraft in Albuquerque to see just how quickly our Employees have to work to turn our aircraft in 25 minutes or less. 


I think it’s safe to say that Christi has had a lot of FUN along the way, but now she’s ready to share the spotlight and allow one of you to become our next Nuts About Southwest Blog-o-spondent. 


If you want to be Southwest’s next Blog-o-spondent, travel to select Southwest cities, and produce video segments for our blog, submit your one-minute audition video on the official contest site as soon as possible.  Between today and August 31, your fellow bloggers will be able to view all video submissions and vote for their favorites.  The three contestants with the most votes on Sept. 1 will be invited to join me, Christi, Brian, and the entire Southwest Blog Team at this year’s BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas on Sept. 20-21, where they will compete in a final competition round. 


So Break-a-leg…and click HERE to see all the contest rules and guidelines!

Explorer A
:(, i'm not old enough, dang it! i would have been perfect for this! i'm a computer and camera geek (not to mention aviation geek, lol) , so i could do the editing, and i could come up with awesomeful ideas for videos! anyways, i think it is awesome for you guys to do this! will you all hold another contest like this in 4 years? lol "Either think and act big and grow smaller, or think and act small and grow bigger."-Herb Kelleher
Explorer C
Hi Paula What is emerging media? What does an emerging media manager do, and how can companies use it to promote their businesses? My Thanks, Peter.
Explorer C
How old do you have to be?? I can't find it
Frequent Flyer B
Patrick - you have to be 18 or older...hope you qualify! Paula Berg Southwest Airlines