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Arriving in Vehicle City - Flint, Michigan

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Since the start of the automotive industry, the city of Flint has gone hand-in-hand with cars. But now, as we jump to 2013 and 100 plus years since the auto industry's start, Flint has grown to be so much more than 'just that car town,' and has truly become one-of-a-kind. 

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Located in the heart of the mitten state, Flint is surrounded by positivity. It seems like every aspect of the city holds a piece of history … whether it is a student earning their degree from one of the four accredited colleges in Flint, a business owner unlocking the doors of a building that has stood for almost 100 years, or a renowned artist showcasing work at the Cultural Center, history is always being made.

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Flint’s Bishop Airport is a standout in the city's story. It boasts a modern terminal, cheap and easy parking, and let's not forget about the location!  FNT, in Southeastern Michigan, is a quick commute whether I'm coming from my office just north of Detroit or my home in Genesee County, and has easy access to the entire beautiful state of Michigan.  And just when I thought I couldn't be more in love – Southwest Airlines announces new service from Flint! Talk about history in the making!  Within the first month of the announcement, I booked my very first Southwest flight for a weekend trip to Baltimore/Washington, D.C. – and actually spent less money than I would have taking a roadtrip.

fnt bishop

Flint - a city that was solely known for vehicles is now a thriving, urban hot spot and evolving even more as the first Southwest flight takes off from the city today. I'll never grow tired of seeing that red belly landing at FNT!  I, along with many, many Michiganders, cannot wait to fly the LUV airline from Flint and make my own mark on this city's history.