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Aruba from Houston Hobby—how'd they do that?


Houston Hobby has officially seen its first international flight push from the gate, bound for the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba. On the same day, Southwest Employees welcomed the first inbound flight from Aruba, where Customers walked off the flight and onto the next chapter of their journey. You might be thinking, "no Customs?" Well, not exactly. Thanks to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Preclearance, Customers were processed prior to departing Aruba. This special provision was granted while our $156 million international terminal project finishes construction, due this October. We plan to document the preclearance process upon returning from the island so you can get a hands-on look at it, and what you’ll need to do to prepare. For starters, the airport advises arriving three hours in advance. Until we get back, it's sunscreen and beaches!