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Av Geeks (Myself Included) Flock to Seattle for Aviation Geek Fest 2012

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Are you an aviation geek?  This past weekend, aviation geeks (also known as "av geeks") from all across the country assembled in the Seattle area, home of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, to take part in Aviation Geek Fest 2012.  The event, held at the Future of Flight Museum in Everett, WA, was the third of its kind sponsored by our friends at Boeing, The Future of Flight Museum, and  Attendees had multiple opportunities to learn more about certain aspects of the aviation industry.  From a Boeing factory tour, to a tour of the Paine Field fire rescue team, the planners of this event lined up some awesome behind-the-scenes and very informative tours.


I was lucky enough to score a tour of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Gallery.  The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the newest aircraft being built by Boeing, with airline deliveries coming soon.  At the gallery, prospective airlines can view all the interior options available for the 787.  The first gallery we toured featured the different types of seating airlines can choose for their aircraft.

Seat Gallery

The seats ranged from economy class seats, first and business, to those ever comfortable sleeper seats.  I was fascinated by all the options available and all the decisions that need to be made when designing the interior of an aircraft.  We also saw the many options airlines have when it comes to galleys, lavatories, and seat upholstery designs.  The final area we explored was the cockpit design of the 787, and I even got to see what it feels to be in the “right seat” by sitting in a mock up of the 787 cockpit.



The Aviation Geek Fest ended with a session hosted by the Boeing Moonshine team.  I know what you are thinking—but no—these folks aren’t in the beer making business!  They are a team of talented individuals who use the “moonshine” methodology to solve a problem and/or develop a solution utilizing rapid prototyping, spending little to no money, and using what materials are on hand. This team has developed many efficiencies for the aircraft manufacturing process. 

The Aviation Geek Fest was a great event for the aviation community, and if your travels ever bring you to the Seattle area, be sure to visit the Future of Flight Museum.  For details on next year’s Aviation Geek Fest, stay tuned to for updates.

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