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Aviation Milestone-- with a dash of humor

Aviator C
This morning, the world's first scheduled A-380 flight touched down in Sydney after it completed  the Singapore Air flight from Singapore.  Congrats to the Airbus and Singapore Air folks for this accomplishment.  But, the world is full of pundits.  Besides being a total airplane geek, I am a connoisseur of parody, and I came across a blink on Holley Hegeman's blog, Plane Buzz to a hilarious send up of the gigantic A-380.  Click here for a few laughs from the "Daily Mash" folks in the UK.  (And watch out for the gladiator fights!)
Frequent Flyer C
Another recent milestone, four years ago was the last concorde flight. It was Thanksgiving eve Back in 1971 He had on a pair of sunglasses There wasnÃ
Adventurer B
Talking of lions, tigers and other creatures of the feline kind... That reminds me of the time an old lady let her tabby cat out of its cage during a flight. The poor thing ran straight up the aisle, into the cockpit (the stewardess was serving the crew some coffee right at that moment), and hid in between the captain's rudder pedals. It would not be coaxed out, and after the captain got severely scratched, the aircraft had to divert and call in the professionals... I'm pretty sure Southwest also have some errr... "wild" stories involving live animals! :o))
Adventurer B
Btw, an interesting review by the Sunday Times: Taking off in an A380 is definitely the bit where most people notice a huge difference... anthough engine startup is amazingly quiet as well - most people can't notice when the engines are started.
Explorer C
Hey Brian, looks like the issues brought up in the seating game that I experienced in SA over the summer has come back to bite you 10 fold and an article on it is on Aero-news. Hope you can check it out and tell us how you plan to handle the upcoming Holiday Travel Zoo... I told you someone was cooking the books as I have talked to may FA's on my travels and they all said San Diego was a failure and they never got a warm fuzzy over the summer in SA? What gives, I know this is a different blog but when I saw your name thought I would ask and hope you can start another blog on the seating system and hope that SWA can come clean and be truthful like the FA's that are the face of the airline and are the ones that face the customers and are the ones who are most reaponsible in getting customers to return. Most tell us that this is a step toward seats at a price and business travelers will be paying a premium to getting those asile seats? I will be watching for a response and other media outlets to talk about how much of a failure this program really is.... I'd say during that holiday season we will be seeing on the nightly news about how much of a fiasco the new process really will be... Too bad to see as if it was not broke, why try to fix it... BP...
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