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BLOG: Come Fly With Me

Frequent Flyer A

She Says: Quit Kicking My Seat: The Oblivious Traveler

I love to travel. I hate the part of traveling that requires one to get from point A to point B. Not because I don’t enjoy a quick plane ride every once in a while, but because I hate 90% of the other people that I’m required to travel with. I blame it on the unconsciousness amongst us that can be characterized in the following categories:

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Explorer C
This blog was great! Absolutely hilarious. And great Southwest comments too. The bloggers should be hired by Southwest. Or maybe some free ticket vouchers or something. Good stuff. Keep it up Lindsey!
New Arrival
I had a Customer who was running late with his family in tow tell me he needed us to stop boarding because he had to have the front row because his son kicks the entire flight. It was too late to stop boarding and I just informed him that if the front row was gone his wife could sit next to kicking son and the father could sit in the seat in front of the kicking son. How is that for quick thinking? I will bet the father cured that kid of all that kicking.