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Back Home in Puerto Rico...Southwest and LULAC

Adventurer C

Celebrating my first year as a “blogger” today, I’m writing about the same event I covered in my first published piece, which was on the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).  Last year’s event was a very special moment; the primaries had just finished, and I had been to hear the most touching speech by Hillary Clinton as she accepted that her race for the presidency was over.

That was so 2008; now the LULAC annual convention with more than 7,000 participants each year was celebrating its 80th year, and what better place to have the fiesta than “La Isla del Encanto” or the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico.

If you still don’t know this (which I doubt!) Puerto Rico is the place I call home. Attending this event in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital city, not only gave me a great perspective on the new developments with this organization, but gave me a sense of the Southwest Airlines brand outside the 50 states.  I have to sincerely say that I was impressed with all the people who asked me: "when is SWA flying to San Juan?" My answer:  “Believe me, I’m your best advocate.”

And even though we don’t fly to San Juan, Southwest Airlines was there, supporting this great Hispanic organization.  This says a lot about a Company and its commitment to the Hispanic community.

Southwest Airlines has been a sponsor, advocate and collaborator of LULAC for the past 15 years, and we actively participate as board members and give corporate assistance to more than 30 national Hispanic organizations like the National Council of La Raza, and The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, among many.  We have been just named the official airline of this year’s US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce annual convention in the great city of Denver.

At Southwest Airlines, the Hispanic heritage is something that we celebrate throughout the year with a real commitment to our communities and to our Customers.  We congratulate LULAC for having the persistence and courage to stand by their beliefs for 80 years, and we exhort them to continue the great efforts to make a positive difference in our communities.