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Back to Work - The Sequel

Adventurer C
The "gift" of of the greatest gifts someone can receive is the gift of truthful candor.  A friend of mine likes to say, "we all need 'grace and truth' but remember 'grace' comes first for a reason."  Throughout the year, I have received my share of 'undeserved favor'...that is grace, and thankfully my share of LUVing truth.  This blog has been a blessing in both of these areas.  In particular, one of the longest running threads, "Back to Work" has given our Recruiting Team real insight into the questions, hopes, and dreams of the People applying to work at Southwest Airlines.  As our small gift back to those trying to work here, our Recruiting Team will monitor this new blog thread and periodically respond directly to questions.  They will try to anticipate questions and leave a tip or two that might make the application process seem less like a process.  My thanks to all of you for giving all of us in the People Department at Southwest Airlines the gift of feedback.