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Baggage Claim

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With 63 airports in the Southwest system, I have the opportunity to view some very diverse architecture and decorating ideas as I pass through the various terminals.  Some terminal and gate areas seem quite sterile and commercial, while others are very warm, airy, and inviting.  During my last trip, I had an overnight in Sacramento, CA (SMF), one of ten cities I flew into in three days.  When the Sacramento baggage claim area was designed, something very whimsical was added by a decorator who obviously had a great sense of humor.  HBaggage cartiding two of the ceiling support columns are old baggage carts which were used to transfer luggage from the terminal to the aircraft.  These baggage carts have been distressed to make them look like they are swelled out as if crammed full of Passengers' luggage, obviously not the way we would do it at SWA!!!.  Then piled from the top of the cart, all the way to the ceiling are numerous pieces of luggage in all shapes and sizes.  In addition to being quite a conversation starter, it makes it extremely easy to find the baggage claim area in Sacramento.