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Baggage fees at US airlines - At Southwest Airlines BAGS FLY FREE

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from the Associated Press  ·  2009-06-19 

A rundown of baggage fees at major U.S. airlines:

  • American Airlines, AirTran Airways, Continental Airlines: $15 for the first checked piece of luggage, $25 for the second.
  • Alaska Air: Passengers traveling on tickets purchased before May 1, or for travel before July 7, can check one bag for free. The second bag is $25. Beginning July 7, Alaska is adding a $15 charge for the first bag.
  • Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines: $15 for the first, $25 for the second. For international tickets, the first two checked bags are still free. But for flights to Europe, Delta and Northwest are adding a $50 charge for the second checked bag beginning with tickets bought May 23 for travel beginning July 1.
  • JetBlue Airways: First bag is free, $20 for the second.
  • Southwest Airlines: FIRST TWO BAGS ARE FREE.
  • United Airlines: $15 for the first, $25 for the second, if paid online. If paid at the airport, United adds an extra $5 for tickets purchased beginning May 14.
  • US Airways: $15 for the first, $25 for the second. Beginning with flights on July 9, US Airways will add $5 if the fee is paid at the airport for tickets purchased beginning April 23.
  • Note: All charges are for domestic flights, except where noted for Delta. The charges generally don't apply to first-class or business-class travelers, high-level frequent fliers and some other categories of passengers, such as active-duty military personnel.


Source: Airline Web sites

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Please don't impose baggage fees. There are enough rip-offs and "fees" being assessed by revenue-strapped local and State governments (a subterfuge to avoid raising taxes). Southwest has a LOT of loyal customers who will feel totally betrayed by a change in luggage fees now. Mr. Kelly, thanks for recognizing that we matter.
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