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Be More Productive

Aviator C
Did you see the television ads about Nick and his productivity during all the football games the past few day?  His story is even highlighted on  If you haven't gone there yet, check out the Be More Productive web site.
Explorer C
Did you fire GSD&M? This is a terrible ad campaign. It's not funny. It's making light of a serious situation with baseball and drug usage. Southwest should rethink this ad campaign and return to its roots.
Explorer B
I didn't even know the first 2 were SWA until the end. I think they are stupid. I was watching the HAWAI'I debacle with about 15 other people, and onlt 1, yes 1, thought it was funny, but after the SWA logo appears. Bad move in my opinion.
Explorer C
just got the new flyer telling me that unless i pay business select prices i wont be getting on the plane before all of the businessmen who have their tickets paid for by the boss. Unfair! I am a cardcarrying rapid rewards/visa card member and fly plenty! i resent this treatment in order for southwest to make the business world happy.
Explorer C
This is very bizarre advertising and is not entertaining at all. Southwest should return to their roots with their advertising.
Explorer C
Here's how you could make my year more productive: 1. Don't lose my luggage 2. If you lose my luggage: a. At least say you're sorry b. Deliver the luggage when you say you will c. Provide a number with a voicemail that someone checks 3. Provide an email address, so I can email my concerns I used to love Southwest, but no longer. They let me down when I really needed them, and so my year will be more productive by flying on another carrier.
Explorer C
I think the commercial is dumb, however, I want to congratulate you on sponsoring the Fiesta Bowl halftime show, which allowed us to see the MARCHING BANDS! I've been saying for years, there are millions of former marching band members, many many more than former football players. Thanks for letting us see at least a part of these two talented bands' shows. Get a different commercial though.
Explorer A
I'm not particularly a fan of the new commercials.. unless there is some super tie-in at the end that directly benefits me in ways other than the Business Select fares and gate upgrades. I think the Wii controller into the TV commercial is much better, and more memorable.
Adventurer B
Maybe the payoff to this campaign is Nick Pudder gets fired, takes a job as a bank teller, and ends up on the receiving end of the pneumatic tube in the sequel to the "Deposit" ad. ( That's sure to leave a mark.
Explorer C
Sorry for replying off-thread but I don't see a general contact link on your blog... Just thought you should know that your user guide link is broken (at least for me). I get a 404 when I follow the link from your home page...
Explorer C
I do not care for this commercial. I think it is dull and boring. I really enjoy the "want to get away" campaign. Since you are running ads during the college bowl series and sponsoring some events, I have a good idea. Why don't you use the coach from Texas University touching the football while it was still in play? That would be a great "want to get away" ad. There was a lot of publicity about this controversial event. Just a thought.
Explorer C
Reducing to 2 bags is stupid. Because doing things for free is stupid. Only morons do things for free. So maybe your company as with all airlines need to get their heads out of their collective rear ends and start looking at ways to make money and not giving freebies. But as usual all companies are act so whimpy but then the head honchos of all companies get everything for FREE. Well if they make the big bucks then cut their freebies. All head honcho PIGS should pay for everything as does every other customer. No one should be more special than anyone else. So therefore someone there needs to start doing their jobs and looking for ways to make money instead of doing the freebies to anyone. But as for myself they could offer 100 fre bags per person and that will never get me to fly ever again. In fact I can guarantee 1 trillion percent to never fly on any airline in the entire world. Because I don't support any airlines because all airlines aren't worth wasting my money on. Supporting anyone but my family is something I will never do. I purchase things that I need but flying isn't something I will ever need not even if it was a life or death matter. Because life or death is something that is just an everyday occurence and therefore life goes on. So someone dies today and so what get over it and move on. Grieving is a big waste of time. So this is how I feel about everyone and if this is offensive tough I don't care about anyones feelings because I don't get paid to care for my fellow man/woman.
Aviator C
Gee R. Price, I am sorry you feel that way. I think more is involved than just your apparent displeasure over the change in the baggage allowance. Brian
Explorer C
what about the UNPRODUCTIVE new boarding procedure??? Brings me back to elementary school when we had to line up according to height. Now we line up by letter, then number....AND board the front of the airplane first instead of the PRODUCTIVE way of boarding from the rear.
Adventurer C
Please place signage today about the 3rd bag charge. I cannot find any information on or any information about forwarning to our valued Customers , this charge is a significant charge and we need to be more proactive with the change, including the skycab check in areas.
Explorer B
Regarding the 3rd baggage charge. On, please go to Travel Tools, Southwest Policies and then click on Baggage. The third bullet point advises the current free baggage allowance of 3 bags and the date that it will be changing to 2 bags as your free allowance (Jan. 29, 2008) and the additional costs incurred with bags over your allowance. Have a great day!
Explorer C
I think Nick is creepy. Please take him off your homepage.
Explorer C
This "Be More Productive" may be the worst attempt at an integrated ad campaign I have ever seen. Seriously, to say it is bad is an understatement. GSD&M "idea city" (I use that term loosely) should consider bringing on people that better understand how to concept, and execute integrated campaigns. It seems as if they have some elder statesmen that don't have a clue about today's "new fangled" marketing channels. It is very clear that the integrated portion of this campaign was an after thought once the traditional portion was sold through. Southwest should study agencies that understand how to create and deliver good integrated campaigns. Agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, BBDO, and BBH. Bad form GSD&M/Southwest...bad form. P.S. Roy Spence should spend more time focusing on his agency and how to move it into the 21st century than walking across america and working on the Hilary Clinton campaign
Explorer C
AWFUL! I have always enjoyed SWA ads, but this one leave me scratching my head and asking "What the heck were they thinking... or WERE they thinking?!" Please stop this pathetic line of ads... they are "just plane DUMB!"
Explorer C
I have to say this is not only one, but two serious missteps by Southwest in so many months. First, it was the new boarding procedures and now one of the worst attempts-to-be-humorous ad campaigns that I have ever seen. What happened to the humorous Wanna Get Away commercials like the Ã
Explorer C
Horrible! Scrap the ad campaign. My husband is a business traveler who flies every week. As far as I can tell, he is the person being targeted by this ad campaign. This weekend, I paid attention to the commercials that he and our friends actually noticed and watched. No one even paid attention to the Nick Pudder ads. They did however like the Wanna Get Aways and the Budweiser commercials. Maybe you should hire the Budweiser ad agency. Nick Pudder is probably the most stupid thing I've ever seen, and I'd expect much better from Southwest Airlines.
Explorer C
The new Southwest ad with the couple at the bank drive thru is hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing as it remind me of something my husband would do! Our family have been big fans of Southwest, waiting for direct flights into Savannah from BWI! Well Done, Tammy and Phil