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Be Our Script Writer--Seriously!

Frequent Flyer C

Have you ever wanted to walk the red carpet, hang with celebrities and see great movies?   Well…if your answer is yes, read on for details on a super cool contest and you could be the lucky winner of a trip to Nashville to attend the 40th Anniversary Nashville Film Festival. 

Here’s the deal!   We are inviting our Twitter followers to help us script the first Southwest Airlines Screenplay.   The opening scene and characters are introduced below, and the rest of the story will unfold as each of you tweet the next line in the story, using the #SWAmovie hashtag.  Beginning at 10am CT, as the story is told, we will update it on Nuts About Southwest for all to follow.   The last line will tweet in at 11am CT, the script will be compiled and our Southwest Airlines Drama Department (no, we don’t actually have a Drama Department, but lots of good dramatic characters who love attention) will act out the script.  The movie will world premiere right here on Nuts About Southwest! The scriptwriting will only be allowed between 10am and 11am CT (please read full rules on the pdf. attachment below for more info on how to qualify).

Now, back to the red carpet, hanging with celebs part….

Every person who tweets a line will be entered into a drawing to win a trip to Nashville.   The winner will land in Music City on April 22, check into a Nashville hotel, relax, and head over to check out the films.  On Thursday, April 23, you will walk the Red Carpet for the Closing Night Film, a retrospective screening of “Easy Rider”, which just so happens to be celebrating its 40th Anniversary!  You will then party the night away at the closing night celebration.  Of course, we will expect Twitter updates from your fabulous experience and any celeb sightings while in Nashville!

Now, if you aren’t the big contest winner, but still love movies, the Nashville Film Festival would still be a great place to see many incredible films if you happen to find yourself in town April 16-23.

Some of the highlights this year include the world premiere of William Shatner’s “Gonzo Ballet”, a film chronicling the quest by the Milwaukee Ballet to create a new ballet based upon Shatner's critically acclaimed album,"Has Been." If you are a Shatner fan, he and composer Ben Folds will attend.  “Noble Things”, in which country superstar Lee Ann Womack (she will also be in attendance) stars will make its Southeastern US premiere.  Former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore, will also attend to present the REEL Current Award to a film screening at festival that provides extraordinary insight in a contemporary global issue.

Those are just a few highlights from the Nashville Film Festival. For more details on the films, red carpet arrivals, panel discussions and parties, please visit

Without further ado, enjoy the opening scene from “LUV! The True Hollywood Story”.  We can’t wait to see how this story develops……..

Opening Scene
Four characters
• Alfred: complete airline “geek”
• Tubbs: aspiring country singer, mostly relies on his good looks
• Barbie: Rapid Rewards Member, bubbly college student
• Jill: Business lady, always checks in 24-hours in advance on her BlackBerry.

All four characters are waiting in the boarding area to hop on an early morning Southwest Airlines flight to Dallas.  Alfred, in a hurry to line up with his A17 boarding pass bumps into Barbie.  Barbie’s bag flies open.  Tubbs jumps in to help clean up the mess.  He looks up at Barbie and says….(remember, only lines submitted with a Tweet between 10 am and 11 am Central Time count.)