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Beeing Her Best--Southwest Airlines Employee Honored for Volunteer Service

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It’s not unusual to see characters roaming the hallways of Southwest Airline’s Headquarters. In the last year, I’ve seen Ronald McDonald, Mickey Mouse & Gang, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and even Herb Kelleher (just kidding Herb, I’ve got nothin’ but LUV for you). But my favorite character so far is Bud E. Bee, a giant-sized bumble bee who stopped in a couple weeks ago with a very special entourage from Community Living Concepts and Community Opportunities, Inc. to deliver the "Beeing Your Best" Award to my Coworker and dear friend, Krissy Sarine Crabtree.

The Beeing Your Best Award is given to volunteers and staff members of Community Opportunities, Inc. who go above and beyond to support and enhance the lives of the individuals it serves. Community Opportunities, Inc. is a nonprofit agency that provides quality of life opportunities for adults and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Krissy’s volunteer service, spirit of giving, and passion for the intellectually and developmentally disabled community is a testament to her Servant’s Heart and an inspiration to us all. She joins the ranks of thousands of Southwest volunteers who support their communities through volunteerism every day. Many nonprofit organizations could not function without the volunteers who freely give of their time and resources.

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to Krissy and all of our Employee Volunteers who make our communities better places to live and work.

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Glad I could be a part of this special day. Krissy's work for COI and our clients is priceless to us.
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This is what makes Southwest Airlines great! But more importantly its what makes Southwest employee's the best of the best. Keep up the good work everyone, your Servants Hearts and Fun Luving Attitude's are amazing. And a sincere congratulations to Krissy.
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I am so grateful that SWA was able to help us make the special presentation to Krissy as well as help us keep it a secret. We here at COI and our sister agency CLC appreciate all that Krissy and her family and Southwest family have done to improve the lives of those we serve. She is a wonderful volunteer and a amazing ambassador for your wonderful organization. I have grown to love Krissy and the compassion that she has in her heart for all of our folks is touching and contagious. We are blessed and grateful to call her a Friend of COI---and I am proud to call her a friend of mine. thanks again
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Congratulations, Krissy! All the best from all of us at HandsOn Network!!