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Behind the Scenes of “On The Fly” - Week One

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I hope you all enjoyed the premiere of TLC’s “On The Fly” last night. I had the pleasure of helping the young man in the second episode get his fish back into the safe care of his mother. Can you believe this stuff really happens?! It goes to show, you just never know what the day ahead will bring! First of all I want everyone to know how much I LUV my job. I look forward every day to making a difference and helping make sure our Customers receive Positively Outrageous Service at check in, the gates, and on their flight. With that being said it does not go without its challenges. As a Customer Service Manager at the Ticket Counter in Denver (DIA), I am confronted daily with the challenge of helping our Customers get their carry on items through security and onto the aircraft. I often see the small stuff like fish and hermit crabs or that 4-foot Teddy Bear that needs its own seat, but some of my more memorable moments were the following. I recall one time hearing something that resembled bird noises and although it is not unusual to have birds flying around on the inside of DIA this was more of a muffled noise coming from the woman standing in front of me. I offered several times to help her because she was struggling to lift her bag onto the scale. Well, we checked her in, she went on her way to security and five minutes later, yep, you got it, I was called down to the Security area because of an item a Customer was trying to take through to the gate. When I arrived, my suspicion was confirmed about a bird. The woman had a baby Parrot tucked in her arm pit. Another memorable moment was when I unknowingly helped catch two bank robbers. I was at the ticket counter and two young men walked up and they seemed very nervous. I assisted them by checking them in for their flight and asked if I could check their carry-on bag for them. They quickly said no. It all seemed a little strange so I notified TSA to take a closer look. Guess what? Between the carry-on bag the two men did not want to check, they had tapped to their chests $100,000 from a bank they had robbed two days prior. You should have seen the pleasure in the Police Officers eyes when she ripped the duct taped money from their chests. Ouch!! If you are reading this please know we "Southwest Airlines" want to help you and your carry-on items get through security and onto the plane. Just remember there are rules as to what can go through security and onto a plane so just let us know what you have and as long as it is legal, we will do everything we can to help you have an enjoyable trip. Make sure you tune in to TLC’s “On The Fly” next Thursday 8/9 central for more stories from the runway!