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Behind-the-Scenes of a Southwest Airlines Commercial Shoot, Grab Your Bag...It's On!

Frequent Flyer C

What an awesome experience it was to get to be behind-the-scenes of a Southwest Airlines commercial shoot.  It started at 6 a.m. as the small army of trucks came through the gates of our maintenance facility in Dallas.  These professionals unpacked their trucks, and immediately began setting up the Southwest aircraft you see time-lapsed in the video above.  They made it look so easy as they began lighting the entire plane for the first shoot.  It was incredible to see that even though they were using a real Southwest aircraft, no schedules were compromised because of how efficient they were in their work and all of our flights ran as scheduled! 

Many of the actors in the commercial are Southwest Employees, who, for some, are making their television debuts.  They were naturals.  I love Southwest because the Employees come first and play such a huge role in our success, so why not let them tell the story of the Company.

Let's grab our bags because this behind-the-scenes video is...On!

See one of the commercials HERE