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Behind the Scenes of a Station Opening

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If there’s one thing our Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul Employees have in common, it’s that they both know how to celebrate new Southwest service! 


At the same time our first Customers were boarding the first MDW bound flight from MSP, we were celebrating the first MSP bound flight from MDW!  Adorned with Viking Helmets, Southwest Employees Amy Marhoefer and Tracy Huck led the crowd in a count-down, 3, 2, 1…, before cutting the ribbon and leading our Customers onboard flight #2196 bound for Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Our Pilots even traded their Pilot hat for a Viking Helmet to celebrate the inaugural flight!

Throughout the day, we had FUN, Southwest Style, with our Customers.  We tested their Minnesota knowledge and engaged in a little friendly competition with a "Viking-Hat-Ring-Toss" game.  I'm pretty sure this was the first time our Customers tossed rings on a Viking Hat in the boarding lane!  Of course, many fabulous prizes were given away to the lucky winners!

Although our airport celebration came to an end, the excitement for our new MSP service is still going strong.  We continue to give our Customers the freedom to fly to the great cities of Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul (and 63 others) by offering Low Fares and great Customer Service!



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I'm glad Southwest has come to MSP but somehow your prices don't make any sense. I'm looking at a one-way flight from MSP>FLL on June 9 Flight 186/10 which switches planes at MDW at $179. If I look up flight 186 MSP>MDW it is $69 and flight 10 MDW>FLL the price is $59, the total should be $128 at 2 one-way flights. Why is Southwest charging $179 if I book MSP>FLL?
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Southwest Airlines has a station opening coming up in May at Panama City. I have booked my flight to be one of the first to arrive on their first day of service. I also want to be able to participate in the related "festivities" around the airport and community for the two days I'll be there. I know there are employee exclusive activities as well as activities available to the public. I am interested in participating in the ones available to the public. In November, a last minute change of plans enabled me to be in MKE for that station opening. I had not been able to plan in advance how to participate in the Touchdown in Milwaukee tailgate party, and subsequently missed it. Although I was tied up at the airport, SWA employees allowed me to celebrate with them at the airport. I am a loyal customer of Southwest Airlines and willing support and celebrate with the company. I paid for my tickets, and when I called SWA PR to learn how to get the details of the "festivities" or activities available to the public, so I can be more prepared to enjoy this event, I was given a very blunt "Check I was rather disappointed to receive no more useful feedback than that. Is there someone I can coordinate with through SWA that could provide me the useful information I need to make this a successful and fun celebration for myself? Julie Vessigault
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Hi Julie, we certainlly appreciate your support and we hope you can join us in Panama City Beach for the big opening. Unfortunately, we are still working on details of the festivities for the opening, and once they are available, they will be posted on You can also receive updates if you follow us on Twitter ( Also, if you will contact me offline at, I can let you know when I know something.