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Behind-the-Scenes with the Fall Campaign

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Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Fall Campaign “If it matters to you, it matters to us.” Borrowing a few words from the campaign: “At Southwest, we believe low fares should never mean low service and we’re not changing that course because that course brought us to you.”  Our newest campaign captures the moments when our unique services and products connect Customers to what’s important in their lives – vacation time, family time, wherever—whatever—whenever time. In addition to the behind-the-scenes video and blog today, be sure to check the Southwest Airlines Facebook page tomorrow to get a sneak peek of the new commercials.  The ads will kick-off on national television, along with the NFL football games, later this week. The funny (sometimes scary) thing about a production shoot is that it’s months of planning all leading up to a handful of days to capture the best moments of dialogue, reactions, sunrises, sunsets, and personality.  All of this is taken with great consideration as one of these commercials may be the first conversation we, Southwest, have with a potential Customer.  I assume it’s a feeling that we can all relate to in our lives, at one point or another ( … think back to your first crush and how many different scenarios that ran through your mind before deciding to actually walk up and introduce yourself.)  It is then my job to help find a balance among the variety of topics and scenarios, and to focus the most important into thirty seconds.  We try to approach topics and scenarios that play a particularly important role for our Customers, from as many different angles and perspectives as possible. The Fall Campaign includes shots from the following locations: Day 1: Chicago: Cog Hill Golf Course Day 2: Chicago: Museum, Kids’ Baseball Fields, Restaurant Day 3: Chicago: Local house, Hotel, Riverwalk Day 4: Chicago: Subway Station, North Ave Beach, Farm about an hour from the city Day 5: MDW airport Day 6: HOU airport Day 7: HOU airport Day 8: DAL airport Team Members from different work groups and from across the system helped coordinate various components of the production in order to make this idea come to life.  And to those people, I sincerely thank you for your time, energy, and Fun-LUVing Spirit along the way.  We truly hope that this campaign is something our Employees can get behind and be proud of—enjoy!
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