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Bella's 16th Birthday Trip

Explorer C

Bella Birthday.jpg

My daughter, Bella, requested we take a trip to New England to celebrate her 16th birthday. The morning of her birthday, we boarded a Southwest flight from Nashville to Boston. I mentioned the special celebration trip to the gate attendant hoping for a simple “Happy Birthday” greeting during the flight announcements, but received so much more!


One of the Flight Attendants asked all of the Passengers to turn off their reading lights and turn on the call button in their rows midflight. The plane was dark except for a blue row of lights down the aisle of the plane. The Flight Attendants then announced it was a special birthday for Bella and asked everyone to join them and sing “Happy Birthday.”


When the song ended, they placed a crown on my daughter’s head they had made out of pretzel packages and presented her with a “birthday cake” consisting of a toilet paper roll and cocktail stirrers. It was such a fun and sweet moment that my daughter will never forget. Thank you Southwest for this very special birthday memory!

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