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Beth Connects the Networks

Retired Community Manager

Traveling with your boss is a little nerve-racking.  Traveling with your boss to test network connectivity presents itself an entirely different class of exhilaration.  Add in the fact that it's also your boss' birthday, and then you can forget sleep!

Recently, all of the above came into play during a test where we connected the Southwest and AirTran networks in several markets through one seamless itinerary (better known as 'codesharing').  We flew from Norfolk, VA to Atlanta, GA on Southwest, then switched over to AirTran to travel from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The check-in process was a breeze.  You enter your confirmation number, both flights show up, and the AirTran portion indicates “Operated by AirTran Airways.”  Both boarding passes are printed out on the spot, and if you’re checking bags, you simply hand them off to the carrier operating your first flight, as you normally would.

When we arrived in ATL on Southwest, we took out our boarding passes and realized we were a mere ten yards from our AirTran gate for our next flight.  Doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Having arrived in Fort Lauderdale on AirTran (even though we checked bags with Southwest), we proceeded to theAirTran baggage claim to wait for Beth's bag.  Lo and behold, around the belt the bag came, just like it was supposed to.

Watch the video to see network connectivity in action, and please check out this FAQ, in case you have more questions!