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Big Changes at the San Jose Airport

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Over the last few years, we have undergone some big changes here in San Jose (SJC).  Those changes are starting to take effect.  Our new terminal has many great new features--open space, new shops, new restaurants, and tons of places to get coffee, which is great for the morning traveler who needs caffeine.  

By the end of the week the new Southwest Airlines ticket counter will open, and we will be operating from Terminal B at departure gates 19 thru 25.

The airport has a new security checkpoint that leads directly to the Southwest Airlines departure gates.  This will help any Passenger who needs assistance or has difficulty walking from the ticket counter to the departure gates. 

For those Passengers who do require wheel chair assistance, the team of Aviation Safeguard will be able to take them to and from the departure gates in a fast and timely manner. 

The new terminal offers much of what makes San Jose a great city--open space, with lots of natural light.  The building also features local restaurants and coffee shops from around the Bay Area, and the terminal has free Wi-Fi.  Passengers will have a chance to sit down and relax before their flight departs, so next time you are in San Jose, give yourself a little extra time to check out the new terminal.

If you are traveling in or out of SJC this week during the terminal move, those of us who work here will be dedicated to provide the great Customer Service our Passengers expect, and my Fellow SJC Employees can’t wait to show off the new terminal building to you.