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Black History Month: Diversity at Southwest Airlines

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During Black History month, I take pride in acknowledging our Great Leaders who began the “Journey to Freedom.” Those freedoms include the freedom to education, the advancement of humanity, the understanding that one’s civility becomes the character of one’s existence.

I began my career as a Flight Attendant with SWA in 1990, and as an African American, my opportunities suddenly soared.  A great leader once said, “Seek equality and an opportunity for all.”  My family and I are privileged to have countless travel benefits.  Imagine, an average day at work takes me from coast to coast.  As I travel, I meet some of the most extraordinary people, from a Tuskegee Airman to a former President, as well as a host of celebrities. Many of my Coworkers enjoy the opportunity to have dual occupations: we have doctors, lawyers, comedians, and models.  It reminds me of a famous quote: “When ordinary people decide to do extraordinary things, they transform their lives and the lives of others.”

Recently, Southwest Airlines formed a Diversity and Inclusion Council to acknowledge our diverse workforce. I am currently the Inflight Diversity Council Representative. One of the objectives of the council is to “organize and amplify the issues that improve inclusiveness and diversity.” Although Diversity is a multitude of things, I affectionately declare, “Diversity is to respect one’s differences; inclusion is to embrace them.”

It is a great pleasure to acknowledge Black History Month as we commemorate the legacy of our history. It is truly an honor to celebrate the achievements of our Leaders throughout the year.  As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We are not makers of History.  We are made by History.”  His Dream will live on forever, as it leads me to Eternal Freedom.



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Do we still need to do this? It's racist.