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Breaking News: Southwest Airlines Fully Operable Despite Friday the 13th Superstitions

BREAKING NEWS: The world is still spinning on Friday the 13th.  That's right, we are happy to report air travel at Southwest Airlines has not been hindered by superstition.  If you are reading this while sitting in Row 13, using Row 44 internet: don't be alarmed: you are okay (and thanks for flying with us by the way)!  The black cat nestled comfortably in the Southwest Airlines-branded pet carrier in front of you is not going to develop super-feline strength or bring you years of bad luck.
Initial reports indicate that all load factors are normal, and Customers are not avoiding the skies, in spite of today's nefarious date.  Bags are still being packed, and continue to fly free.
Superstitious Customers who decide to change their flights will continue to do so without paying a pesky change fee.  In fact, it is said hidden fees charged by other airlines are proving to be far scarier than the 13th row, or walking under a ladder, or even breaking a chain letter that was forwarded to you by your in-laws or college roommate.
In addition to Bags Flying Free, Southwest Airlines will not charge a fee for throwing salt over one's right shoulder, though we are not responsible for the dirty looks you might receive from the person behind you.
We recommend Customers carefully wrap mirrors in bubble wrap before shipping on SWA Cargo, not because we're afraid you'll get seven years of bad luck, but because no one likes ending up with a broken mirror!
Customers traveling to popular casino destinations are encouraged to bet on number 13.  But we remind you, the odds are still 35:1.  If you win, we want a cut, and if you lose, it wasn't our idea.
If you've read this far, please forward this to five of your friends by the end of the day.

That's a chain letter joke, but sharing is caring.
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