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Bring Your Chili to Work Day

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No, it’s not a typo. On Monday, the SWA Communications department held a mini chili cook-off competition called Bring Your Chili to Work Day; and seven Communications Employees “BU- ROT – IT!” The smell of meat and spices hung heavy in the air to the dismay of a few people, and in several cubicles, a crock pot could be found plugged in under the desk. They meant business.
It was a heated competition, no pun intended. There was chili with beans, chili with no beans, organic chili, hotter-than-heck chili, tangy chili, cheesy chili, and EVERY contestant insisted that his or her chili had a secret ingredient to burn the competition.

When all the Employees of Communications tasted every chili and chose their favorite, they cast their vote in a secret ballot.  The ballot box held the key to the coveted title, “Communication Chili Chef of the Year.”

The “Communications Chili Chef of the Year” goes on to represent the Communications Department at this year’s 36th and Last SWA Chili Cookoff competition on April 4 where 25 SWA Employee contestants from across the country compete.

For the last several years our own Steve Heaser of Red Belly Radio has been the Communications representative. This year, however, he has been asked to be a judge at the competition which means Communications lost its spectacular chef. After we dried our tears, we came up with the Bring Your Chili to Work Day competition to determine our new chili chef.
Congratulations to Ashley Pettit, of Public Relations! Her spicy chili rendition would have claimed its spot in the Communications Chili Hall of Fame, if there were one.

For the next week or so, Ashley will prepare for the 36th and Last SWA Chili Cookoff by practicing her stir stoke, aligning her Chi and praying to the Gods of Chili for a respectable place in the competition, preferably First Place.  Wish her and our entire Communications team ‘good luck’! 

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Why is this going to be the last Chili Cook-off? Thanks A pleasure flying with you. Bill
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Yea! go Ashley, i have always LOVED your cookies and cheese sandwiches, wish I could taste the chili! 😉 xo
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Bill It's not the last cookoff. The "last" part of the title is tongue and cheek. When we began the Chili Cookoff, our survival was far from certain, so we weren't sure if we would even be in business the next year. Anyway, the "last" part of the title gets used every year. Brian