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Bringing Home Heroes—A Southwest Airlines’ Veteran Looks Back

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One of the best current online tributes to our Veterans is Radney Foster’s moving YouTube video, “Angel Flight,” which salutes the Air Force Crews who bring home the remains of fallen soldiers. 

On this episode of Red Belly Radio, we asked two of our Veteran Air Force Pilots, Vice President Director of Operations, Captain Greg Crum, and Flight Operations Coordinator—Operations Control Center, former Captain Dave “Bubba” Edens, to talk about their own experiences.  Dave describes his own Angel Flights during the Vietnam War and how our Employees today handle the solemn occasion when a fallen Hero returns home.  Dave also talks about the incredible joy of flying to Hanoi to bring home our Prisoners of War.  
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The video is a wonderful, moving tribute to a difficult job, that is done with honor and respect. Many kudos to Radney Foster for writing and recording a great tribute to the men and women who serve aboard the " Angel Flights" and many more to the riders of these flights, "Come on brother, I'm taking you home."