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Southwest Airlines Community

Building Resilience: Supporting the American Red Cross


We’re about halfway through April and National Volunteer Month, and we continue to be inspired by our Employees and Customers as they put their Heart in Action and embrace giving the world Heart.


Last week we focused on loving People by spreading messages of encouragement and hope. This week we’re focused on building resilience by showing support for the communities where our Customers and Employees live and work. There are so many different ways we can help to empower communities—despite the current limitations of in-person volunteer opportunities.


Thank you to everyone who is investing their time, resources, skills, and personal passions to support their local communities. Keep reading below to learn how supporting Southwest’s longstanding partner, the American Red Cross, during this time can make a difference.


The following was written by Kim Delevett, Southwest Airlines Community Outreach Lead



When responding to a disaster, Southwest’s first and foremost concern is the Safety and well-being of our Employees and their families. Our next step is to reach out to disaster response organizations, like the Red Cross, to assess the affected community’s needs. As a sponsor of their Annual Disaster Giving Program, Southwest works year-round with the Red Cross to evaluate needs and to support disaster response plans.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a huge deficit in the number of available blood donations. Understandably, with workplaces, college campuses, and schools temporarily closed, blood drives at these locations have been canceled. It has become increasingly difficult to ensure lifesaving blood is available for patients in need because more than 80 percent of the blood the Red Cross collects comes from drives held at these locations. While many are answering the call to help stabilize the blood supply, it’s important to remember that blood donations are perishable and must be continuously replenished, even during this crisis.


Now it’s time to put our Heart in Action by rolling up our sleeves to donate blood. A single blood donation can help save more than one life. Rest assured, the Red Cross follows the highest standards of safety and infection control to help protect its staff and donors. Visit the Red Cross website to find donation opportunities and to learn more about safety precautions and tips to ensure a successful donation.


If you are healthy and feeling well, please make an appointment now by visiting or calling (800) RED CROSS or (800) 733-2767.