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Business Select Turns Two And Gets You to the Front of the Queue!

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Is your business day 100 percent predictable? If so, please disregard this post. If your life is like the rest of ours, then you’re familiar with the feeling of your day kicking into overdrive at any given moment for any given reason. Then, pile on traveling for business just to keep things interesting. Well, to put some order and civility back into your day, you might consider Southwest’s Business Select fare the next time someone calls and says, “We need you in Houston this afternoon.”

If you’ve never tried Business Select, then you’re definitely missing out.  Anyone can buy it and be guaranteed a Group A 1-15 boarding pass, extra Rapid Rewards credit, and a drink onboard. The fare also provides you with Fly By priority lane access to help get you through security lines at the airport more quickly.  Most Southwest airports offer Fly By at TSA security checkpoints, and now 21 of our airports also offer Fly By priority check-in lane access at our ticket counters.  So, as a Business Select Customer, you’re able to go to the front of the line.  Check here to see if your airport offers Fly By.

Business Select has been a special Southwest fare offering for two years as of this week, so the next time you book a ticket at, give Business Select a try.  Or just ask the friendly Customer Service Agents and they’ll gladly upgrade you.  

Oh, and if you actually answered yes to my opening question, can you reply to this blog and share your secret with all of us?

This title is adorable. Happy Two to you.
Explorer C
Glad to see Business Select is so successful for Southwest! Congrats and Happy Two yr anniversary! Alex