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CEO Gary Kelly Discusses Load Factors & Ongoing Business Impact of COVID-19


Southwest Airlines Chairman and CEO continues to provide updates and share his thoughts surrounding the developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In this edition of Ask Gary, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Watterson joins Gary to discuss the Company’s load factors, the Southwest Promise, and more.


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New Arrival

Dear Mr. Kelly,

Some days start out with out a real plan. Mine started out mis-reading an email from Southwest. The email prompted a call  to Southwest.  Your employee (Cindy) took great patience to clarify that there was no need to worry and my flight plans were correct and no action was required on my part.


She asked if there were any additional items she could be of assistance. I thought and requested if it  would be possible to check current fairs for my flights.  Little did she realized I had multiple flight booked for myself and family.  After she completed updating all the flights I advised her that usually would feel positive about receiving a less expensive fair. However I told Cindy that I did not feel good about a lower rate.  All I could think of was the impact that COVID19 was having on Southwest and their employees.  Did I just cause one more employee, maybe even Cindy,  to possible lose her job. 

As a retired Executive of a large company I know the pain of making decisions that cost employees the jobs. I really did  experience a sadness concerning how difficult some of your personal decisions must be at this critical time.  You should be very proud of this particular employee as she was keenly aware of my sensitivity and took a little extra time to assure me that my concern was greatly appreciated. I was impacted by her sensitivity from a random phone prompted by mis-reading an email.  My day was blessed.