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CEO Gary Kelly Discusses Preparing for the Future and the Need for Face Coverings


Southwest Airlines Chairman and CEO continues to provide updates and share his thoughts surrounding the developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In this edition of Ask Gary, Gary shares his thoughts on how the Company is preparing for the future and the need for face coverings when traveling.




New Arrival

I know there is a lot of disinformation out there and businesses are trying to do what they think is best, but forcing people to wear protective masks is wrong on many levels. It has been said by doctors more often than not (including the WHO recently) that masks do absolutely nothing to protect healthy people and in fact it is dangerous to breathe in your own CO2 as well as being uncomfortable. It is becoming increasingly clear masks are associated with a political party and the spreading fear. I hope you are out in front of this and remove this terrible policy, that is unhealthy and more and more tied to a political party. I will not be flying with your company until this restriction is lifted.

New Arrival

Ok, flying to California, whole family, are we required to wear mask during the flight and as a group of 6, whats the seating as per social distancing 

New Arrival

Masks should definitely be enforced; if everyone is wearing masks it protects the flight attendants and passengers.

Unfortunately there is no social distancing on most flights unless you happen to get lucky and get on a flight that is less than half full and you can be separated by empty rows.


I hope all airlines follow what United Airlines is enforcing:

United Airlines said it would begin placing passengers who fail to comply with instructions to wear a mask on an “internal travel restriction list”.




Updated guidance from the World Health Organization now says everyone should wear cloth masks in public; and high-risk individuals should wear medical masks in certain settings, such as when crowd situations can't be avoided.


The CDC also agrees with the use of masks or face coverings: