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CEO Gary Kelly Discusses Southwest’s Commitment to Customers and Social Distancing Efforts


Southwest Airlines Chairman and CEO Gary Kelly sat down with me to discuss our commitment to our Customers and our inflight service and social distancing efforts amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 


New Arrival

I made reservations for my friends to go from Milwaukee to Denver to go from March 21 thru March 26

i cancelled the reservations prior to March 20th.  There were 3 tickets purchased with a credit card.  They had to cancel because of the Coronavirus stay at home order in WI

and summit county, CO closed all the ski hills and hotels, Airbnb, and restaurants. With this being a ski vacation hard to go when hills are closed.

they purchased tickets in Jan 2020 and vouchers expire in January 2021. They are teachers and can only go during spring break.  Plus the wife has a comprised immune system and had lymes.  Both daughters have Asthma.  
they. Said if points were expiring during this time they could be extended till June 2021. But what about travel that had to canceled during this time.  A refund would be the best for our family, especially during this time with schools being closed and money tight.  That would be our first choice is a refund to our credit card. If you are not willing to do that, then at least extend our vouchers to June of 2021.  We always fly Southwest.  You are getting money from the government and the least you could do is giving us our refund.

thank you



New Arrival

We were suppose to fly this Sunday April 5th from NY to Fort Meyers Fl.  
our purpose of this trip was for a function that has been cancelled due to COVID. 
If we still decided To fly we would have to self Quarantine for 14 days per Florida guidelines.

Our only option is to cancel the flight and Southwest is giving an extension till June 2021 to apply our money towards a future flight.

we have no reason to fly from this point until June of next year the only reason we were taking this trip was for a purpose. We did not want to cancel this flight we have been forced to cancel this flight due to COVID-19. Even though Southwest has taken the steps to extend our flight we are looking to obtain a refund. We booked the wanna get away price because we knew we were going, but for no reason of our own we have to cancel and due to financial situations the money that you are holding for a possible future trip that we plan on not taking could be used for our finances. I just spoke to customer relations and they’re telling me that there is no other option at this time and to wait possibly to cancel up until 10 minutes before my flight. What are the chances that something is going to change between today and Sunday. also I was told that if a change in your policy was made after our flight on Sunday that I would not be eligible for a refund if that became your new policy. Another disappointing factor is if for some reason we did choose to fly between now and June of next year and our flight was cheaper than what is being held in my account that that money would still only be good until the end of June so again Southwest is winning because they’re holding my money. And if I was to get a cheaper flight you would continue to hold the balance of my money so in the end Southwest is a win-win. Very disappointed in the way this is being handled due to the COVID-19Situation. This is no fault of our own that we have to cancel this flight and an exception should be made and return our money that could be used for our family and not being held for your corporations benefit.

New Arrival

If so committed, why is Southwest keeping the early bird fee when cancelling reservations due to the current crises? That fee is part of the original ticket cost.

All fees should be credited.

New Arrival

Southwest, you are not doing the right thing....

I bought a ticket for $538 for my daughter to fly to Florida (from Ohio) for Spring Break with another family for April 4-11th. Due to the pandemic we are facing, obviously out of our control, I had to cancel the flight. I called last night at 10PM and was told that my only option is for the money to be put in my daughter's account for future travel. Me, as the purchaser, cannot even use it... ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. 

So I found out this morning, that the entire flight was cancelled. (The family that she was going with was getting a full refund because they had not cancelled theirs yet). I called and spoke with the "executive customer service team" and was told that because I cancelled last night, and the flight hadn't technically cancelled yet, they cannot refund my money. I am not happy and continue to climb until I get a refund. This is absurd. My next step is to contact the attorney general office in Florida and file a complaint for price gouging. I hope Southwest takes care of this before I take that step. I am furious. 

New Arrival

Thanks for canceling my flight to NOLA from Tampa but my husband and i had both purchased early bird check in and we’re both out $50 round trip. Why can’t you let the EB carry over to our next NOLA flight?  These are extraordinary times for you and your travelers, we’re committed to flying as soon as given the green light and SW will be our airline. Help us??

New Arrival

My son's senior class trip was scheduled for early May to Disney World. As expected, his trip has been canceled due to the Corona virus pandemic.  Disney has refunded the cost of the hotel/parks and any related expenses. Southwestern airlines, however, is refusing to refund the cost of the flights, and want to hand out vouchers to these students they will never need or use! I am appalled by this decision, especially during this horrific time we're living in! Parents (from a small town) made payments all year to be able to send these kids to Disney, and now, when this refund is needed most, all we're offered is a voucher for a future flight! Get real Southwestern! There are parents not working, struggling daily to put food on their tables, and you throw vouchers at us! This trip was canceled through no fault of our own. These kids are devastated, but here's a voucher instead of the much needed money we ALL need at this point? Shame on you! I will burn that voucher before I ever fly Southwest! And I will be sure to make this story as public as I can on every so ial media avenue there is so people can see what a ruthless, greedy company this is!!!!!!

New Arrival

Can I find out how many people are in my flight on the day of departure? I want to observe social distancing which would mean that there are probably no more than 50 people in each flight. Is there a way of finding out how many people will be on my flight before I head to the airport?







New Arrival

It would be important that Southwest get STRICTER on social distancing. When the plane arrives at the gate, the tendency is for passengers to still rush and crowd into the aisle and break social distancing.

It would be great if the flight attendants allow row by row exiting to maintain social distancing.

Furthermore, the flight attendants should also wear masks.  We passengers will not be offended. No one is in denial of Covid.

Please take notes from Delta.