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CEO Gary Kelly Discusses the Southwest Promise to Keep Employees & Customers Healthy


Southwest Airlines Chairman and CEO continues to provide updates and share his thoughts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In this edition of Ask Gary, Gary discusses the Southwest Promise, a commitment to ensure Employees and Customers experience benefits of around the clock cleaning and protocols and policies that help everyone maintain distance from check-in to deplaning, with the same Southwest Hospitality.


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New Arrival

Mr. Gary...the best kept secret about Covid-19 is that UV light kills the virus.  Direct sunlight kills the virus in as few as 5 mins.  You should line the main cabins with fluorescent UV lighting (as in the old black lights used for your peace posters in the day) and have you engineers determine if the cabins can be switched to negative pressure which shouldn't be difficult.  You can also line the air ducts with UV lighting which again will sterilize the air as it passes through (as a medical professional on the front lines this combo works amazing well when we care for Covid (+) patients...tests have shown that when we even swab the protective gear of healthcare workers after caring for these patients it repeatedly tests negative for the virus.  I am confident that these modifications will cost very little and will be an amazing marketing tool to get people to choose SWA over other providers.  Be a leader !


David A. Schmidt, MD

(501) 650-1107