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CSAs and CRs Ratify New Agreement

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Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) announced today that its Customer Service Agents (CSAs)and Customer Representatives(CRs), represented by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), have voted in favor of a new four-year Contract. The agreement includes pay increases, as well as bonus opportunities that are tied to Company and Employee performance.

"I am proud to have a new, lucrative contract that rewards our Employees for their exceptional performance, while adding flexibilities that support our mission of being the number one low-cost carrier in the country," said Randy Babbitt, Southwest Airlines' Sr. VP of Labor Relations. "With the ratification coming before the end of the year, our IAM  Employees will benefit from Southwest's outstanding 2014 financial accomplishments."

Southwest Airlines is approximately 83 percent unionized and actively engaged in negotiations with six out of its 12 unions. The airline is known for its friendly Customer Service and currently serves as the largest domestic carrier in terms of passengers boarded.

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