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Call to Action: Help Us Modernize the Skies

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RGB_wordmark_fullcolor-01 Dear Valued Customer, As any traveler who has experienced an unnecessary flight delay can attest, our nation’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) system, while safe, is not as efficient as it should be. We need your help in urging Congress to modernize our skies, and deliver the transformational ATC reform that our Customers deserve. The United States is fortunate to have the safest ATC system in the world, led by a dedicated and experienced Air Traffic Controller workforce. Despite its phenomenal Safety record, however, the U.S. ATC system is not very Customer or environmentally friendly. That's because the technology on which the system is built – ground-based radar – is outdated and inefficient.  And the U.S. government’s funding process and procurement rules prevent any proper long-term planning and investments in order to create a modern, satellite-based system. The good news is there is hope. Congressional legislation is expected to be revealed this week that would reform how the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system is governed and funded.  The legislation aims to create a new not-for-profit entity that would oversee the ATC operation and spearhead its modernization. In essence, this entity would be free from partisan gridlock, government budget shutdowns, and bureaucratic red tape. Importantly, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would continue to regulate Safety, as it does today, and Controllers will remain on the job and continue to manage day-to-day flight activities. This is huge! What can you do to support the modernization of our skies? I am asking you to please take a moment of your time and visit to learn more about ATC reform from our friends at our trade organization, Airlines for America. It is critical for Congress to hear directly from you, your family and friends!  Let your voice be heard by sending a letter to your representative. I am absolutely confident that the voice of our loyal Customers can prevail in this challenge and together we can help modernize our skies!
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