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Campus Reach: A SPOOKtacular Internship Experience

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The way that Southwest Airlines does Halloween is unparalleled to any other place or company. Airport ticket counters turn into haunted houses, conference rooms transform into skit stages, and Employees become a wide range of fun characters (more so than they already are!). From Interns to the CEO, there is a true demonstration of Teamwork. The day is a supernatural celebration with SWAmazing costumes and SPOOKtacular decorations. backstage (2) Two months ago I would not have guessed that I would be figuring out how to put an airplane fuselage together on stage or helping our department’s Senior Leaders memorize their lines to a skit during my internship. In addition to my daily communication responsibilities, I have been able to drill, paint, and decorate. I was given the esteemed roll of the official disco-ball-holder in our skit. I think this might be in the “other duties as assigned” section of the job description. on_stage (2) My HalloWN Team has been incredible in the way they have included Interns, and I have found throughout the past few months that inclusion extends past Halloween festivities. Whether you are holding a disco ball, a part of the backstage crew, or you’re the main character, every person has had a role to play to make the department Halloween skit happen. That’s what gives Southwest a heart. Every person plays a role into making the airline magic happen, every day.  And because of that, this internship is an experience I will never forget. image1